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Fontaine Specialized Hydraulic Cylinders

Welcome to the Replacement Hydraulic Cylinder section for FONTAINE SPECIALIZED.

Fontaine is recognized for their commitment to the material handling field and manufacturing parts for dump bodies. Xtreme offers aftermarket replacement Hydraulic Cylinders for all Fontaine applications.

Listed below are all the Fontaine Specialized replacement hydraulic cylinders we currently have on file. Please note some lists of cylinders are considerable longer than others. You can easily narrow that list by selecting one or several of the Pull down Menus. Cylinder Bore and stroke are two examples of popular fields to narrow your search.

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12 cylinder(s) found
Part #
Equip Model #
Cyl. Type
Rod Width
List Price
Your Price
57298001 Non-Classified SAR 3.12 3 020.00 1.88 Please call Please call
57301002 Non-Classified DAR 3 1.5 008.00 1.5 Please call Please call
57302006 Non-Classified DAR 2 1 004.00 2.63 Please call Please call
57302007 Non-Classified DAR 3 1.25 012.00 3.62 Please call Please call
57302012 Non-Classified DAR 5 2 015.00 2.5 Please call Please call
57303987 352st Non-Classified DAR 7 2.5 020.75 6 Please call Please call
57303988 Non-Classified DAR 7 3.5 120 4 Please call Please call
57303990 Non-Classified DAR 7 2.25 016.00 3.75 Please call Please call
57303994 Non-Classified DAR 8 2.75 016.00 3 Please call Please call
57304001 Non-Classified DAR 8 3 020.00 3.5 Please call Please call
57304003 Non-Classified DAR 4 1.75 010.00 2.88 Please call Please call
57304006 Non-Classified DAR 6 2.75 016.00 2.75 Please call Please call
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