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Replacement Dump Hydraulic Cylinders

6/29/2012 | Author: KLT Admin | Category: New Product Releases | 47227 Views | 8 Comments

Replacement Dump Cylinders:

Dump Truck Hydraulic Cylinders are subject to all kinds of contamination and varying conditions that destroy poorly designed hydraulic cylinders. Road conditions, dirt, grit, rain, salt, tar, chemicals, solvents, and cleaning agents all combine to attack the cylinder and its components. Utilized by all types of professionals, from Contractors to Municipalities, the feedback is all the same. Down time is expensive and contracts are being lost!

With Xtreme Cylinders you have the ability to react when your dump is down. Our inventory of Dump Cylinders for a wide variety of manufacturers is your advantage. Supplying quality solutions that are quick, reliable and long lasting will get you back on the road with confidence. With our expansive cross-reference database and strategic distribution chains, Xtreme has the inventory to back your demands. For more information on how Xtreme Cylinders is supporting the Dump Truck industry contact us today.

About Xtreme Cylinders:

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of respect, attention and value they deserve. Our dedicated professionals understand that downtime is disruptive and more importantly expensive. With our elaborate Cross-Reference database and Inventory commitments, we not only supply Hydraulic Cylinders and Components, we supply quality solutions.

As a division of Central Parts Warehouse, a 30 year old growing business, our experience and vast industry knowledge translates to your one-stop-shop for all your Hydraulic Cylinder needs. Our drive and focus is simple, we service the Hydraulic Cylinder industry by providing quality solutions and reducing equipment downtime. We accomplish this with an expansive inventory and strategic distribution chains that gives our customers the ability to react when equipment goes down.

If your Hydraulic Cylinder or Components are not in stock, that’s OK. We have the Fastest response times through-out the industry on Custom Hydraulic Cylinders and Components. From design to manufacturing, we turn over Custom Hydraulic Cylinders and components in weeks instead of months.

We Also understand that it is not always economical to purchase new. Re-Designs, Re-Manufacturing, and Custom Components are well within our capabilities. Our coverage of a vast array of industries is your advantage. We understand why particular components cause a higher failure rate than others in specific applications. This knowledge and experience allows us to provide long-term quality solutions rather than your typical patch work.

We’re here to help any we can! Feel free to contact us for any Hydraulic Cylinder assistance you may require. Visit our Contact Us link to decide the most convenient form of communication for you.


On 5/24/2015 PEDRO BLASCO said:

Hello,I need the seals kit for a parker cylinder hoist,it is on a 18 yds dump truck,tag shows: p/n S74DC-61-135 s/n F0803-1588

On 5/22/2015 thomas said:

looking for repacement hydrolic cylinder for 1971 diamond reo dump truck

On 2/25/2014 Allen Harper said:

Thanks for the great information. The hydraulic system used in the truck has not been working properly for many days. And I was looking for a hydraulic cylinder replacement. And thanks again for this timely article.

On 1/16/2014 sulaiman idris said:

Hi please i need the complete mack dump truck complete hydraulic cylinder seal; Thanks

On 10/26/2013 John carbone said:

Looking for a cylinder 6" bore 2" rod 5/8 pin hole 16.25 " stroke with 1.5

On 10/3/2012 Bill McMahon said:

Robert - I don't have much information regarding Richardson dump cylinders, but if you can supply me with complete dimensions I will take a look into inventory and see what I can offer you immediately that may suffice as a replacement. Is this double or single acting? Is it a telescopic? If we do not have anything in stock, we can quote you on us manufacturing a replacement built to the specifications you require. In order to look into a replacement I will need the following information from you: retracted length(center of pin mount to center of pin mount) extended length(center of pin mount to center of pin mount), pin diameters, type of mounts, width of mounts, barrel outside diameter, bore, rod diameter. The more information you can supply the easier it makes our replacement search.

On 10/3/2012 Robert Foster said:

looking for a replacement hydraulic cylinder for a Richardson Dump Wagon model 700 Overall length of barrel (outside of gland to base of barrel) is 83 inches bore is 4 inches rod dia is 2.5 inches ends are cross tube

On 9/3/2012 JIM BARWACZ said:


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