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Why is my cylinder leaking?

- Scratched or worn rod
- Worn, damaged, deteriorated seals
- Fitting may not be tight enough
- Possibly bad welds

Why is my cylinder not working properly?

- Seals may be worn or damaged
- May have a contaminated hydraulic system; dirt, metal shaving, etc. could be causing it to function incorrectly.
- Inside of the barrel may be damaged

What are the differences between a single acting cylinder vs. a double acting?

- Single acting are most economically sound and the most simplistic design. Hydraulic fluid enters through a port at one end which then raises the piston in order to extend the rod.  An external force takes care of the piston, retracting it to its normal position.  To sum up a single acting cylinder only provides force one way.
- Double acting cylinders are a little more complex.  They have 2 ports at opposite ends which are supplied hydraulic fluid for both the retract, and extension of the piston.  Usually used on applications where an external force will not be able to retract a cylinder.

What is a displacement cylinder?

- A displacement cylinder is also single acting.  It is extended like a normal single acting cylinder by fluid entering the port and raising the piston.  To retract all the pressure is released and the load on the cylinder then forces it to retract.



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